Finger Puppets: Toys help you connect with your baby

Finger puppets were my first proper baby purchase, and they are fantastic.

The finger puppets found me

We went to Norwich for the day to look at pushchairs. After going to a restaurant to get some food to help digest the cost of the pushchair, I saw these badass finger puppets staring at me from a shop window.

A present for me

Our baby doesn’t need or care about finger puppets. All he/ she is going to spend most of the first few months doing is eating, pooping and crying; probably in that order.

Therefore, even though this was a gift for the baby, it’s realistically a gift for me. I bought them so I could tell energetic stories about a courageous hedgehog, a gay fox, a stoned rabbit, a perverted squirrel and Quasimodo the badger. I know what you’re thinking… what a great dad I am going to be!

Every parent holds onto that moment when their child first speaks. In this instance, I think I will enjoy the simple joy of distracting my child without the evaluation of my storytelling.

Parenting should be fun.

There is a lot of joy you can get from the simple things in life.

Yes, my finger puppets are an overpriced novelty that we don’t need. We could spend the money on much more useful things. But, if spending money on novelty items encourages me to get excited about spending quality time with our child, then it is money well spent.

Raising children should be fun. I feel that you need to have that approach to their lives from the beginning. Every item I buy should encourage myself to interact and bond with our child.

Babies quickly start to understand emotions, so the more energetically we get stuck into playing with them, the quicker they will learn how to be happy and more importantly, see us as fun.

Getting around the food bond

My stomach leads me. So I can appreciate the bond between baby and its food. I get hangry (hungry and angry) when I am 30 mins late for lunch. I dote fondly on my food provider, and I expect my baby will be the same.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view) I don’t have boobs (manboobs don’t count), and so, therefore, I can’t provide milk as my wife can. I don’t get the natural food bonding breastfeeding provides; therefore I need to need to bond in different ways. Fun interactions are my way of making up for the fact that I don’t have tits.

If your partner can’t breastfeed, then you get an advantage in this department as you are both on level pegging in the food department!

Visualising playtime

Thinking about playing with my future children helps me to look as past the tiredness and crying I am expecting as a new parent. It means I can focus on the positive moments of becoming a dad, not just the negatives.

Buying toys that matter

If you want to buy finger puppets, then buy finger puppets. Buy the toys you think are going to bring you closer to your children. Spend more money on fewer toys that you will enjoy playing with together. The more creative you can be with them, the better.

Finger Puppets are amazing

I shouldn’t be excited by finger puppets, but I am. I am looking forward to using them to bring my baby and myself closer together.

Luckily, the baby won’t understand how rubbish my stories are when it is born. I still have time to work on my storytelling and character development. I still have time to make my finger puppet storytelling suitable for young adults.

If you would like to purchase these very same finger puppets you can get them online from JoJo Maman Bébé here.