Waiting for labour to begin

Waiting for labour to begin

Today I was travelling to see a friend for his 30th Birthday when I realised I need to start considering my travel plans for the foreseeable future. We are waiting for labour to begin as our baby’s birthing window is officially opening in 6 weeks. The probability might be small, but my wife could prematurely go into labour right now. I could be miles away. At a drop of a hat, I would have to rush halfway across the country to get back to her.

I could be drunk when I get the call. My wife would never let me live the experience down if I turned up to the hospital pissed. Ironically, the post-birth blog would probably be a much more exciting read if I did show up drunk.

Plotting my movements

We live in the countryside, but I need to be in London often for work. Therefore I travel back and forth between the two locations a lot.

When I am with clients, I now inform them that there is an impending birth and therefore I will have to be flexible with this particular period. What I am not saying is that the baby might come even earlier than expected. They might have to change their plans much earlier than they initially expected.

All men probably feel the same experience as the big day arrives. It is only now you get to understand that the freedom you once had taken for granted is slowly disappearing. Post work drinks are about to be replaced with nappies. Nappies are a terrible cocktail ingredient.

Our hospital bags are all packed and next to the front door. Because we both drive separate cars or I get the train, we want our stuff in the most convenient place possible, regardless of where each of us is. If you are interested, you can read my article on packing for pregnancy to make sure you are ready for the big day.

There is nothing more I can do but wait for nature to take its course and plan to do as little away from home as possible. I can’t plan for anything else because we don’t know how our childbirth is going to unfold. We are therefore now starting to spend more of our weekends at home, waiting for labour to begin. We invite friends over with the proviso that we might cancel at any time.

Waiting for labour to begin

And so, I wait, knowing that this might be my last of this, or last of that before the baby arrives and everything changes. Weirdly, I am quite melancholic about the situation. I know I can’t control the situation, so I don’t worry about trying to. Everything is about to change, yet I am not at that moment now. I am here and as ready as I am ever going to be for childbirth to begin, whether now or in a few weeks’ time.